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The smartest way to clean laundry.

Dizolve packs ultra-concentrated, eco-friendly cleaning power into a tiny, pre-measured strip of detergent that you just toss in the wash. Its low-sudsing formula works in all types of washing machines, including high-efficiency (HE). The smart formulation effectively seeks out and dislodges dirt molecules and stains, keeping them in suspension until they are rinsed away. 
It makes your laundry washing chore easier, healthier, more economical, and much kinder to our planet.

Clean, green, and simple!

This combo includes 160 loads of Fresh Linen.

So easy! 1 strip = 1 load
  1. Detach 1 strip
  2. Place 1 strip
  • Top-loader: place strip inside washer.
  • Front-loader: place strip in detergent dispenser. (tear strips into smaller pieces if necessary)
  • Add clothes and start washer.
  • For heavily soiled laundry, use 2 strips.
    Small load? Half a strip.

    Safe, effective ingredients:

    contains biodegradable anionic and non-anionic surfactants.

    • Vegetable glycerin: plant-derived softener
    • Starch: plant-derived biodegradability booster
    • PVA: biodegradable supporting matrix
    • Light mineral oil: non-hazardous softener and processing aid
    • Potassium sorbate: food-grade preservative
    • Cocamido propyl betaine: coconut oil based, biodegradable amphoteric surfactant (cleaning agent) and foam booster
    • Alkyl polyglycoside: plant-derived, biodegradable non-ionic surfactant (cleaning agent)
    • Sodium coco sulfate: coconut oil based, biodegradable surfactant (cleaning agent) and foam booster
    • Glycerides, coco mono and di, ethoxylated: plant-derived, biodegradable non-ionic surfactant (cleaning agent)
    • Sodium gluconate: plant-derived and food-grade, biodegradable water softener that prevents soil from resettling on fabric after it has been removed during washing
    • Lauryl dimethyl amine oxide: plant-derived, biodegradable non-ionic surfactant (cleaning agent) and foam stabilizer
    • Hexylene glycol: biodegradable emulsifier
    • Sulfonic acids, C14-16-alkane hydroxy and C14-16-alkene, sodium salts: biodegradable surfactant (cleaning agent)
    • Octyl sodium sulfate: biodegradable anionic surfactant (cleaning agent)
    • Fragrance oil blend (not used in Fragrance Free): natural essential oils and synthetic ingredients, hypoallergenic and non-toxic
    • Residual water

    CAUTION: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. If swallowed, give a glass of water and call a physician. If in contact with eyes flush with water.

    All machines, including HE

    For all machines, including HE

    Hot and cold water | Eau chaude ou froide

    Hot and cold water

    Dissolves completely | Se dissout complètement

    Dissolves completely