New e-commerce packaging and shipping.

In May of 2017 we relaunched our e-commerce site, bringing Dizolve eco-strips back to consumers in Canada and The United States.  Our goal at the time was to get launched as quickly as possible.  Doing so meant we needed to use our existing global retail packaging, which is 32 loads in a Level 7 recyclable plastic resealable pouch.  

While our customers are resoundingly happy to be able to order Dizolve again, we knew that the packaging wasn't ideal for the Canadian and US markets.  While Dizolve eco-strips are significantly better for the environment, our relaunch requirement of putting 4 of our retail solutions into a plastic shipping envelope defeated part of the purpose of buying Dizolve in the first place - reducing plastics that can enter our landfill and water ways.  

Today, I'm happy to announce we are taking an amazing step forward!  Starting December 1, 2017 all of our e-commerce orders will be shipping in a 100% recycled cardboard gusset shipping envelope.  Inside, the Dizolve eco-strips will be surrounded by a recycled cardboard sleeve that contains all our product information.  This new packaging contains no plastics and is 100% recyclable!

To add to that, we are also offering a FREE shipping option!  Due to the use of a shipping envelope we have taken full advantage of over sized letter rates, which reduces our cost of shipping.  Further, we have increased the size of a single order from 128 loads to 160 loads, all while keeping the cost per load in line.  This is a huge win for our customers not only in a significantly more environmental friendly packaging solution, but in also offering more loads per order which will help to reduce the carbon effects of shipping, by having to ship less often.  

While free shipping is available, please note in Canada this is done by Canada Post over-sized letter.  This service does not include tracking or insurance.  However, we are offering you the ability to select Canada Post and UPS Parcel shipping options.  While we have not experienced a loss by Canada Post letter, if your package doesn't arrive you will need to reach out to them directly to open a support case.  Choosing either Canada Post or UPS parcel shipment options will give you insurance and tracking.  Please note that using these you will incur additional costs.  We are providing direct shipment pricing from those carriers to offer you the absolute best rates that we can provide, should you choose to use these optional shipping methods..

For our US customers, USPS already offers tracking in normal letter rates.  As such, all shipments will be free and include tracking!

For those of you who have supported us through this re-launch - THANK YOU!

As a way of extending our thanks, we are offering a unique coupon code for 10% off your next order.  This is a one time us per customer coupon.  On checkout please use the code - NEWPACKAGING2017

Direct links to our country specific e-commerce stores below.

US myDizolve Store

Canada myDizolve Store

Thanks again from the myDizolve team!